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Click the link below to schedule facials, waxing, teeth whitening, tinting, lash extensions, custom airbrushing and more! SCHEDULE NOW


There is a $20 sign up fee, but it includes goggles, a free sample of tanning lotion, and your very own Rockstar Backstage Pass ID Card for easy sign-in – it’s very fancy. 

Unlimited, baby. We’ll be best friends. 

OF COURSE. Leaving for the summer? Let us know you want to freeze your account before the 1st for X number of months and we’ll make it happen. There is a $7 monthly charge to keep your account active, but it can go towards products, upgrades, or an additional tanning or wellness service. 

*We do not accept freezes over the phone. Must be in person or over email.*

You bet. Not something you need anymore? Need the extra cash flow for rent? It’s all good. Just cancel before the 1st of the month in person or by email. Remember that if you cancel, you’ll have to pay the $20 sign-up fee again. 

*We do not accept cancellations by phone.*